One Hotel and Catering App Fits All

One Hotel and Catering App Fits All

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Say goodbye to tons of paperwork and go paperless as our Hotel and Catering App gives you the flexibility of using today’s technology to enhance your business. Turn your paperwork into a smart app and access your data right at your fingertips. We got the most efficient tool that has transformed businesses around the world.

Hotel and Catering App is designed to make life easier as it provides better data collection with Hotel and Catering App and is accessible with your smartphones. Such features include GPS mapping, date stamping, voice recording, real time monitoring, bar code recognition, and other features to make you work efficiently and accurately.

Save from printing costs, processing of documents, and avoid the stress of filing and safekeeping all these papers by maximizing your mobile workforce. The Hotel App comes with smart forms suitable for your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Be part of the business industries that opt to make a change and switch to paperless technology.

Hotel and Catering App offers these features and more:

• Convert documents and reports to paperless forms and access them anytime, anywhere you want.

• Customize your reports by integrating features needed in your system.

• Enhance the process of communication within your company by involving your staff and managers in the process even if you are away from them or on a business trip.

• Reports required can be generated easily without committing errors in your data while still producing accurate responses.

• Monitor and manage real-time reports from anywhere using your customized web-based portal.

Part of the app is a web-based management portal that can be tailor fit to your business needs. It will give you real-time reporting and visibility on gathered data in the field.

Hotel and Catering App is ideal for your growing business because of these high-tech features:

  1. Image Tagging - Attach and tag images from your device and be able to access it from your management portal. It is an efficient way of recording activities in the field especially if you are away from your business.
  2. Built in calculator - Be able to perform standard calculations without mistakes using smart forms.
  3. Responsive intelligence - It adds up new dimension to the efficiency of your mobile forms.

From small enterprises to large corporations, we are offering this latest software solution, which includes Catering Software and Hotel Software. Hotel Software will boost the efficiency and overall performance of your catering and hotel business. By using smart forms, you can promote your company’s flexibility while saving your resources. Improve the quality of your service while making the most out of your effort, time, and money.

Hotel Software works fine with or without an Internet connection because its mobile forms provide access to its features even if you’re in a remote area. You can sync your data when connectivity is established, whether at the office or your home WiFi. Hotel App is developed to complement your management needs and to provide you with paperless solutions. Cut your expenses, save for other investments, and have the power to deliver one of a kind service and experience to your clients with Hotel Software.

Discover more ways to improve your business with Hotel Software. Take our tour today!

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