How to Enhance Business Processes with Hotel and Catering App

How to Enhance Business Processes with Hotel and Catering App

Published on: 11-06-2014 | by Misty in Hotel and Catering App, Catering Software, Paperless, Electronic Forms, Mobile Workforce, Paperless Forms, Digital Forms, Mobile Forms

Dealing with paperwork in a Hotel and Catering business can sometimes delay work, which could reduce client satisfaction. And for so long, many business owners have gone through this ordeal of processing paperwork and probably have wondered, is there a paperless solution? Is there a way to make the work much simpler and easier? The answer is YES!

Hotel and Catering App converts all paper forms into electronic forms. Business owners can submit the forms on the internet and will be made available to their mobile workforce by accessing the secure web-based portal using their smartphones. Catering Software allows you to allocate and share different level of paperless forms with your team, depending on what they need.

The digital forms eliminate the slow and old-fashioned way of shipping reports and paper forms by going paperless. It is shared via the web-based management portal to allow real-time submission of reports, whether in the field or in the office.

Hotel and Catering App improves the functionality of the electronic forms by embedding tools to the paperless forms. Users of the smart forms are now allowed to take pictures from the online form interface and attach them automatically when needed. A voice recorder is also included in the mobile forms to increase accuracy of data in the reports that are submitted or saved to the secured web-based portal. Also, a space for capturing electronic signatures is provided whenever you need them.

Access and Manage Your Files with Resources e-Library

Using digital forms no longer require your office to have large storage rooms for paperwork. The E-library allows you to control stored documents to ensure that your team only has the latest version of your mobile forms.

The Resources e-Library also works without internet access. It allows you to make changes in your forms and save them while offline, and later on update them on a web-based portal automatically when internet is available. This way, you are sure to manage and keep your forms up-to-date anytime, anywhere.

Manage Your Business Remotely with Hotel and Catering App

Using this Catering Software, gives you the capability to dispatch jobs to your mobile workforce even outside the office. Set up a task and attach the paperless forms needed by your team and send it to them using your management portal. This function guarantees that your team is updated wherever they are.

The Hotel and Catering App embeds mobile forms with time-stamping and date-stamping features that save the date and time of events on a specific job. The data is sent to the online portal in real time so you can track your mobile workforce’s progress when you need to.

This hotel and Catering Software removes paperwork from the workflow to avoid delays and lessen mistakes. Switch to a paperless environment and make the process even more convenient with Hotel and Catering App – an efficient, faster, and easier solution to improve business processes.

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