Hotel Catering App – More than Just Digital Forms

Hotel Catering App – More than Just Digital Forms

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Upgrading a business process is often too costly and time consuming. Employees might find a hard time adapting to the new system that is introduced to them, leaving the company with new problems to deal with. Going paperless presents a quicker and easier solution to deal with this problem by eliminating paper from the workflow and replacing them with mobile forms.

Cost-effective, Easy-to-use, and On-time Digital Forms

Having a lot of paperwork means you need room for storage; and if you have a big company, paperwork could use a lot of space in your office. By using Hotel App, all your paper forms are converted into electronic forms and are stored in a web-based portal, which replaces filing cabinets and big storage rooms for paper. The digital forms also reduce the time spent on filing and retrieving older forms as you can virtually organize them in a secure online database.

Send your forms to Hotel Catering App and it will be modified to your preference. Once the digital forms are stored online, you can control or allocate filters to allow access to the forms only for a certain group. Your mobile workforce can view the mobile forms assigned to them and immediately fill them out using their smartphones. Using the software, business owners can guarantee that reports are processed immediately. Once the smart forms are completed, they can be automatically shared via the management portal to ensure real-time transmission of data.

Hotel Catering App is an All-in-one Business Optimization Tool

In a Catering business, a large percentage of your workforce is mobile and always on the field. Keeping track of their activities and work progress can be a difficult task. Hotel and Catering App has integrated the electronic forms with time-stamp and date-stamp function that allows you to do real-time monitoring of events. If chosen, you can hide these trackers in the paperless forms to achieve a more accurate work progress report. The electronic forms are also integrated with a GPS Locator to help track your mobile workforce’s location. A built-in calculator is also embedded in the digital forms to make sure calculations are done accurately and quickly.

This powerful app will definitely enhance the effort of your workforce. The mobile app ensures that: reports can now be submitted quickly and processed immediately; file sharing is made easier by allowing multiple users access to a certain form; and files and documents are stored safely and securely in an online Resources e-Library for easier access. All these wonderful features come in just one great app. Choose Hotel Catering App for your business and experience fast-paced business process right at your fingertips.

Discover why Hotel Catering App is more than just digital forms. Take our tour today!

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