Formitize Launches Hotel and Catering App for Increased Business Output

Formitize Launches Hotel and Catering App for Increased Business Output

Published on: 15-10-2014 | by Misty in Hotel and Catering App, Catering App, Hotel and Catering, Hotel App, Hotel Catering App, Hotel Software, Catering Software, paperless, smart forms, enterprise mobility, mobile forms, paperless forms, mobile workforce

SYDNEY, Australia October 2014 – The makers of Formitize – a powerful app that has revolutionized companies around the world – introduces Hotel and Catering App. This Catering App improves efficiency and productivity in hotel and catering companies using paperless technology and smart forms designed to promote enterprise mobility. Save time, money, and effort as the Hotel App can simplify and improve organization processes and workflow.

Advantages of a Paperless Office

The large quantity of paper used in a day of business operation yields a high volume of waste, which has harmful effects on Mother Earth. Even companies patronizing recycled waste products may still impose some undesirable influence on the environment. Companies that desire to be environmentally friendly and lower their printing expenses should consider going paperless using Hotel and Catering

Using Hotel Catering App, all company paper documents are converted into smart forms and are saved in a web-based portal, replacing physical storage drawers and cabinets that were used to store paper. The mobile forms also cut time spent on filing and recovering old forms since they can be virtually organized in a secure online database.

The paperless component of the Hotel Software significantly offers more flexibility and efficiency to hotel and catering businesses. Using this Catering Software is vital for the development of companies in the service industry.

Optimization Tool for Businesses

Hotel and Catering App is used globally by hotel and catering businesses looking to improve their efficiency, ensure the compliance of their processes, and improve the professionalism of their reporting. The paperless forms are designed to complement a company's enterprise mobility management needs and increase the productivity of any mobile workforce.

Customers are really pleased with Hotel and Catering The IT manager of the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre in Australia says, “As a Food Safety and Facilities Management tool, this is a great solution. The App is simple to use and the Management Portal Dashboard delivers all the reporting and communication tools we need. Thoroughly recommended.”

Formitize CEO Matt Burge says, “Hotel and Catering App can improve the effort of any mobile workforce and business owners have the guarantee that paperless reports are submitted and processed instantly. Entrepreneurs can share files by providing specific users with various access levels to the smart forms and business managers can store documents in a secure and accessible virtual environment – the online Resources e-Library.”

Formitize has harnessed the capability of Apps, the power of the Cloud, and the mobility of smart phones and tablets to deliver paperless solutions and mobile forms that save time and money and improve the workflow of businesses across more than 80 industries globally.

Discover how Hotel and Catering can help increase productivity of any mobile workforce. Take our tour today!

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